The ANDROSTHENIS SA is a fully developed business company which provides services in strategic industrial and technological sectors in Greece and abroad. The experienced personnel and the ability of immediate adjustments to changing market conditions are key factors for company’s business success.
The company specializes in niche industry where experience and knowledge enable it to play a key role in the conception, development and implementation of large-scale industrial, technological and other infrastructure. Given the ever-changing conditions in modern economic reality and the growing importance of the private sector as evidenced by the increasing involvement of the private field in sectors of the market.
The company, thanks to the organization and the modern business spirit, has successfully completed an impressive number of large projects in Greece and abroad in cooperation with local and international qualified agencies. This international and extensive cooperation has given us the experience and abilities, making it unique and valuable partner for every major business.
The company has shown rapid development and growth. From the main competitive advantages are:
1. The vertically integrated production activity.
2. The own production of many of the raw materials needed in construction and particularly the road construction.
3. its modern equipment.



The main company’s target and value are our consistency, for us the greatest obligation, to our customers, the in time and trouble-free integration and delivery of our projects with high quality standards.
At the dawn of the 21st century, our company adapts its strategic values to the changing economic, business and environmental conditions and is receptive to new opportunities and challenges which emerge. We are committed to the achievement of business objectives while operating with wakefulness, determination and speed in decision making. The company rewards employees and partners fairly and we reward initiatives and efforts.
We represent international firms with professionalism, enthusiasm and respect for their values to the mutual benefit. Our capital is the knowledge/knowhow. Due to that fact we invest in training and motivating our people to improve and continually grow in personal life and professional career. All Company’s employees recognize and understand the customer's needs and they are abided by what we promise, reliability and consistency.



Our presence in the Greek market is to ANDROSTHENIS SA a long-term perspective. We are interested in exploiting the momentum of the country people, raw materials and technologies, for meeting both internal market needs, as well as to promote Greek industrial solutions and products in the foreign market. Our prospects for growth for the next five years focused on broadening our manufacturing portfolio and to maintain stable growth in the fields of Road construction and to civil works in general.
The business extroversion of the Group confirmed by important agreements made and still expanding, despite the difficult conditions caused by the financial crisis.
The delegation of the Group, through it’s companies in projects of high standards and specifications, demonstrating the ability of the Greek industry to demand equal, works in foreign countries, even in developed markets, such as Western Europe.



Today the company employs permanent and seasonal staff, a total of about 50 people including engineers ,scientific and technical personnel of various specialties. Investing in our people, to whom we owe our business success and support of our future growth, is a key priority for us. We place great emphasis on attracting and retaining capable business executives, with principles, morals and values such as integrity, consistency, dedication, creative thinking, professional diligence and entrepreneurship. The Group has implemented for these purposes, numerous methods and human resource

development systems in operation.


The basic objective is to operate with a sense of responsibility and consistency towards our people to remain the first choice throughout their professional career. We stand beside them with honesty, professionalism and perfect balance and we support with actions their career growths.